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Midwife and mother of one gorgeous little boy William


I have been a Registered Midwife for 10 years and could not be more grateful to the universe for leading me down this path. I am one of the lucky ones finding my true calling early on in life and my passion for my profession continues to grow with time. 


My introduction to Midwifery started as a child growing up on a dairy farm in New Zealand. 

As a small child I witnessed my Dad play ‘Midwife’ many times, gently supporting and nurturing his beloved cows through easy and difficult births.  I recall many cold spring nights nuzzled in to my Dad on the motorbike doing rounds of the paddocks to check on ‘his girls’ and their new baby’s. On reflection it was these early experiences with many pets and farm animals birthing that shaped my belief in natural birth.  Seeing the ease and trust of these animals and the humans around them in their bodies and the process of birth left no doubts in my mind that birth is an instinctual and natural process that works best when undisturbed. 


I became a nurse after school, but it quickly became apparent that my passion was more about wellness and supporting health from a holistic perspective.  I swiftly took up an opportunity to join the Midwifery profession and I was instantly hooked. I worked in the hospital setting for 10 years and loved many aspects of being with women but I always felt a strong instinctive pull to return to the roots of Midwifery where Midwives have patience and belief in the innate ability of women, babies and birth.


After birthing my own son supported by a magnificent team, including 2 beautiful Private Midwives, in the most empowering physiological vaginal breech birth I found the final piece of the puzzle and I realised what I needed to do. My Dad was really on to something. Women should be placed at the centre of their own experience, supported by a known Midwife and surrounded by people they love, who believe and trust in them. 


My role as a Midwife is to trust a woman’s body, hold space, provide encouragement and be comfortable and confident to support the process of birth in the setting a woman chooses. Nothing fills my heart like seeing a woman becoming educated and empowered to own her birth. I absolutely love sharing with women the journey of transformation though pregnancy into birthing goddesses and empowered mothers. I choose to be with women, nurturing, supporting, advocating and respecting the process of birth and a woman’s rights to make informed decisions for herself and her family. 


I am a HypnoBirthing® International practitioner, a role I adore, and I am an Endorsed Midwife. Whilst my focus is on normal physiological birth, I am trained in advanced neonatal resuscitation and have been a facilitator for obstetric emergency training for a number of years, which allows me to quickly recognise and act on rare deviations from normal. I am experienced and enjoy working collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team to support women as different needs arise. 

Registered Midwife
AHPRA reg: NMW0001085297
Erin Coggins Midwife

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2018 – ongoing Aveta Birthing Services
Privately Practicing Midwife/HypnoBirthing® International Practitioner 
Pregnancy, labour and post birth care to women and their babies up to 6 weeks. HypnoBirthing® classes. 
2013 – ongoing Royal Women’s Hospital
Womens@Sandringham, Clinical Midwife Specialist
Areas of work: Midwife in charge of Maternity unit, Birthing Suite, Post/Antenatal ward, Domiciliary, Antenatal Assessment Clinic.  
2010- 2015 Mercy Hospital for Women
Graduate Midwife Program/Rotational Midwife
Areas of work: Emergency Department, Birth Suite, Postnatal ward, Special Care Nursery, Antenatal Clinic, Fetal Monitoring Department and Operating Theatres.
2009- 2011 Epworth Freemasons Maternity Unit
Graduate Diploma of Midwifery and Registered Midwife 
Areas of work: Birth Suite, Postnatal ward, Special Care Nursery.



2019 – 2019 Prescribing for Midwives
Griffith University, Queensland
2018 HypnoBirthing® International Practitioner Training
2009 – 2010 Graduate Diploma of Midwifery
Australian Catholic University
2005- 2007 Bachelor of Nursing
Griffith University, Queensland

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Please note we do not have professional indemity insurance (PII) for labour & birth. Midwives have a regulatory requirement to have PII but are unable to obtain the product due to a world wide shortage of  PII for midwives. Therefore midwives in private practice have been provided with an exemption for homebirth until December 2021.

The midwives working within the Collective have  PII for antenatal and postnatal care with MIGA.