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        Midwife and Mother of 4 Children


My name is Clare Lane. When I was 10 my mother had my youngest sister and I helped mum care for her, this gave me loads of practical skills and set me on my midwifery path. I loved babies and small children and knew my destiny lay in that direction. I have been a midwife now for over 30 years. I have experience working both in the home and hospital setting.


I am Medicare eligible and am endorsed to be able to prescribe and order my own blood tests and scans. I have had midwife care for the birth of my 4 children, one in a birth centre and 3 at home. 


My other passion is breastfeeding and I am a qualified lactation consultant with 12 years experience in this area. I am experienced in waterbirth and helping women have a vaginal birth after a caesarean. My other interests include aromatherapy, massage and homeopathy for use in pregnancy and childbirth. 


I am passionate about working with pregnant women and their families. Having a baby is a fabulous, exciting adventure and I am very privileged to go with women on that journey. 


Registered Midwife
Lactation consultant
Medicare provider no:  4449891A 
AHPRA reg: NMW0001007456

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Midwife and Lactation consultant
Clare & Nic Midwives Pty Ltd
​March 2015  - present
​Director. Click on our services page for details
Midwife and Lactation Consultant
Midwives Naturally Group Practice
March 2005 – March 2015 (10 years) Melbourne Area, Australia
Director of Midwifery group practice which specialises in keeping birth normal. Offered antenatal, labour and postnatal care as well as lactation. Support women to birth in hospital or home setting.
Angliss Birth Centre
January 1988 – March 2006 (18 years 3 months)
Full scope of midwifery practice. Antenatal, labour and postnatal care. Lactation consultant. In my time at Angliss, I worked in Domicillary, Special Care Nursery, Fetal Monitoring Clinic, Breastfeeding Clinic and gave Antenatal Classes.
Flinders University, South Australia

2014 - part time over 2 semesters

Graduate Certificate in Midwifery - DIagnostics and Pharmacology


Lactation consultant course. IBCLC


​The Mercy Maternity Hospital, Melbourne - Midwifery



St Vincent's Hospital School of Nursing, Melbourne



Catholic Ladies College

1974 – 1979

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