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Directory Manager


Nicola has had many years experience in healthcare and the maternity system as a midwife in private practice.

She brings this knowledge to this administration role to ensure the friendly & smooth running of the practice.

Although she does not practice as a midwife, the underlying philosophy of woman centred care remains and you will find that any queries about the practice you may have will be answered compassionately and promptly.

Nicola is accountable to the Principles of the directory for:


  • The organisational review and personnel management function for the Midwives  working with the practice.

  • She is responsible for carrying out a range of clerical, technical and professional activities such as

    • Providing help with access to the online booking system ~ Mobile Midwives

    • Providing access to the website's member section

    • Birth Pool availability and hire

    • Website

    • Newsletters

    • Books and DVD library

  • Provides the practice with accurate and timely financial data

  • Develops organisation systems to maximise productivity.

  • Develops business plans to meet the objectives of the practie and its principles.

  • Provides a continuous review of the operating environment of the practice.

  • Responsible for public relations and marketing.

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