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Melbourne Midwifery Collective

Melbourne Midwifery Collective is a directory of Midwives who are working together & have a shared philosophy of keeping birth normal. 

MMC consist of experienced self employed Medicare eligible Midwives. We travel all over Melbourne, its outer suburbs & Gippsland in Victoria.

​We provide private midwifery services, specialising in home birth & hospital support.

We offer pregnancy, birth and post birth care until your baby is 7 weeks old.

​We are optimal birth specialists, supporting the physiological processes of childbirth. Waterbirth is supported and all the Midwives are specialised in providing this.

Breastfeeding is encouraged. All of the Midwives are very experienced in providing breastfeeding advice and support. Lactation consultants are also available.

As part of our Medicare endorsement, all Midwives have additional qualifications to offer Medicare rebates. We can also, order blood tests, ultrasounds and prescribe Midwifery related medications as required.

Homevisits are available for pregnancy and post birth consultations. Some of the Midwives also offer antenatal appointments at a clinic.


Every Moment Matters 

For a healthy pregnancy, it’s best to stop drinking alcohol before you start trying. At any stage of pregnancy, alcohol passes directly to the developing baby. This can increase the risk of miscarriage, , and babies being born prematurely, small for gestational age, or with low birth weigh

Centre of Perinatal Excellence

The Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) is devoted to empowering hopeful, expectant and new parents with information at each stage of their journey to parenthood.
COPE’s #thetruth campaign series has been created to raise awareness of the hidden struggles faced by thousands of people on their path to parenthood – yet often not spoken about.

Fact sheet: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements

The NMBA’s Registration standard: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements sets out the minimum requirements for (PII) arrangements for enrolled nurses, registered nurses and midwives. Nurses and midwives can be covered by their own or third party PII arrangements.

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