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Dina Phillips

Mumma, Nanne and Midwife,


 I am so grateful to be part of the Mamatoto team, providing holistic midwifery continuity of care to women during one of the most profound times of their life.

I grew up in New Zealand where Midwifery is an autonomous practice and the continuity of care model is available to all women. Pregnancy, labour and birth surrounded me a lot, and with 5 younger siblings, I learnt to change nappies and care for babies at a very young age!

In 1998, I became a mother. My experience under the continuity of care model was so positive I knew I wanted to become a midwife and support women as beautifully as I was during this unique and vulnerable time. I was blessed to have my next two children under the same model of care, my choices were heard and respected at all times, leading to a fully supported home birth with my third.

In 2010, I commenced my Bachelor of Health, Midwifery in New Zealand at the wonderful age of 40 (better late than never). It wasn’t always easy, as life takes us on journeys that we haven’t anticipated, but my dedication and determination got me through. 

In 2013, I graduated and two days later moved to Melbourne to commence the next chapter in my life.

In 2014, after six months of settling into Melbourne, I was offered an opportunity to undertake the Midwifery Graduate Program at St John of God Hospital in Perth. This was an amazing opportunity as I consolidated my learning supported by new colleagues, family and friends. 

In 2015 on completion of my graduate year,  I returned to Melbourne and undertook a position in the private healthcare sector working with women antenatally, during labour and postnatally at Mitcham Private Hospital.

In 2018,  I furthered my study to attain Medicare eligibility and prescribing rights through Griffiths University which in turn enabled me to register as a Medicare endorsed Midwife. 

I then gained a position on the inaugural team that through collective passion and vision for continuity of care in midwifery practice, successfully established the Know My Midwife program into the private setting.

I am dedicated to antenatal education and have been running classes for 3 years. I believe that education is a crucial component of antenatal care, leading to less anxiety and empowering women to make informed decisions that are relevant to them.

In 2020, I became a part of Mamatoto Midwives, returning to my roots of Midwifery, feeling excited to learn and grow as a Woman and a Midwife.

As a Midwife I feel honored to have the privilege of sharing intimate moments with women from varying backgrounds who place their trust in me. We all have our unique stories, dreams and hopes, we inherently have the same needs which are to be heard, supported, encouraged and loved. Continuity of care with a known Midwife upholds and respects these needs.

Registered Midwife
Provider no: 5571511H
AHPRA reg: NMW0001857503

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​       Profile

2020 – Current - Mamatoto Midwives, VIC, Medicare endorsed Midwife (Antenatal care, labor and birth support/care, postnatal care)
2015 – Current - Mitcham Private Hospital, VIC, Endorsed Midwife (Antenatal Clinic, Birth Suite, Postnatal Ward, SCN, Preceptor, Antenatal Educator, Know my Midwife Program)
2014- 2015- St John of God Hospital, Murdoch, WA, New Graduate Program/Midwife
(Antenatal Assessment, Birth Suite, SCN, Postnatal) 
2013- Aotea Services, NZ. Work Experience/Midwife
(Antenatal care, Birth Suite, Home birth, postnatal care up to 6 weeks in the community)



2018 - Screening, Diagnostics, Pharmacology and Prescribing for Midwives, Griffiths University
2010 - 2013 - Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree, Midwifery Auckland University of Technology 

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