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  • Melbourne Midwifery Collective is a directory of midwives who are working together & have a shared philosophy of keeping birth normal. MMC consist of nine experienced self employed Medicare eligible midwives; Clare, Emma, Louise, Juliana, Danielle, Dina, Helen, Amanda & Erin who travel all over Melbourne, its outer suburbs & Gippsland in Victoria. Nic is the directory manager & is not offering midwifery services.

  • Our group of midwives provide private midwifery services, specialising in home birth & hospital support.

  • We offer pregnancy, birth and post birth care until your baby is 7 weeks old.

  • Optimal birth specialists, supporting the physiological processes of childbirth

  • Specialise in waterbirth

  • Calmbirth® courses and childbirth education

  • Lactation consultancy

  • Medicare rebates available

  • Offices in Mitcham, Clifton Hill and Carlton.

  • Homevisits are also available.

  • View the midwives profiles for more details 

    • Clare Lane ~ Clare Lane Midwifery Services

    • Emma Ryder

    • Helen Ireland

    • Danielle Sorbello ~ Mamatoto Midwives

    • Juliana Brennan ~ Mamatoto Midwives

    • Dina Phillips ~ Mamatoto Midwives

    • Louise Noorbergen

    • Erin Coggins ~ Aveta Birthing Services

    • Amanda Schmidt ~ Embracing Birth South Gippsland



Danielle:  0455 489 691

Clare :       0416 130 291

Emma :    0488 962 231

Louise:     0409 594 676

Helen:      0421 108 056

Juliana:    0419 253 778

Erin:         0404 996 815 

Amanda: 0433 546 775

Dina:        0419 253 778

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© MMC 2016 

Please note we do not have professional indemity insurance (PII) for labour & birth. Midwives have a regulatory requirement to have PII but are unable to obtain the product due to a world wide shortage of  PII for midwives. Therefore midwives in private practice have been provided with an exemption for homebirth until December 2021.

The midwives working within the Collective have  PII for antenatal and postnatal care with MIGA. 


MMC directory manager: Contact Nic with any queries. She can also provide information on: Fee & appointment schedules, website, lending library, pool hire or the online booking system.